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Meet Dr Kate

I graduated from the University of Queensland in 2003 with honours class 1, which was my dream and ambition since watching Dr Vicki on A Country Practice as a little girl. I worked initially as a mixed practice Veterinarian in Warren, central west NSW for 4.5 years. Working in a 2 man rural practice gave me great experience and allowed me to see and do things I would not have otherwise been able to do in a city practice. One of the most satisfying parts of my time there was visiting farms and clients in their homes and sharing their animals quirks over a cup of tea. I have missed this since moving into small animal practice and this and the fact I have started a young family are the main reasons for starting Kate's Mobile Vet.

I have been in the Ayr district for 14 years now and have worked at a local veterinary clinic both full time and part time since starting my family of 2 young girls. I am passionate about animals and am keen to be your pets personal vet so give me a call!

I hope to meet you and your pet soon.


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